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6th EAI International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare - "Transforming healthcare through innovations in mobile and wireless technologies"

November 14–16, 2016 | Milan, Italy

e-Health: the 21st Century Games Revolution

An interactive workshop about games for health


The eHealth sector is one of fastest growing sector today and as such, promotes the creation of various technological solutions, all of them individually facing similar challenges and dilemmas. This workshop will have a specific focus on games and represents a space where Industry meets EU research projects for discussing how to concretely exploit projects’ outcomes and experiences into real-world health practice and how to concretely and effectively make eHealth work. Starting from a presentation of the three inviting EU projects, PEGASO, DOREMI and MyCyFAPP, through a discussion on concrete business scenarios and on state of the art technology solutions, this workshop represents a bridge between research and market needs. Participants will reflect on sustainable solutions that guarantee a high impact in real working settings: this workshop is conceived for people creating solutions to present their work to people from practice interested in these solutions and viceversa.


Workshop Format

The workshop will last for half a day (approximately 3,5 working hours) and will be divided into three main parts plus a wrap-up session:

In Part 1 the supporting projects (PEGASO, DOREMI, MyCyFAPP) will present their concrete apps / results / experiences with reference to the health sector. They will also present the challenges and dilemmas that they have encountered so far. This will be done in the most practical way possible, through demos, videos, pictures and storytelling. This part will last ca 30min.


In Part 2 participants will be divided into groups. Each group will define a real world scenario (from health / wellbeing) and will discuss how the solutions presented in part 1 could be used to enhance procedures, situations, solve problems, optimize, raise awareness…. Storyboards will be drawn to explain the impact of technology to enhance learning and working practices and make these sustainable. This part will last ca 2hrs.


In Part 3 each group will pitch their solution in the plenary.  This part will last ca 15min.

A discussion about the presented scenarios, the feasibility of the envisaged solutions and their usefulness will follow with conclusions. This part will last about 1,5 hours. This part will last ca 45min.


Organizer: Lucia Pannese, imaginary srl.