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6th EAI International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare - "Transforming healthcare through innovations in mobile and wireless technologies"

November 14–16, 2016 | Milan, Italy

“Emerging experiences into receiving and delivering healthcare through mobile and embedded solutions”



Submission: 10 August 17 August for late papers

Notifications: 10 September

Workshop: 14-16 November



Collaborative research between academia and industry in mobile and embedded technologies for healthcare is nowadays changing the way people receive and deliver healthcare. Innovative models for the continuity of care outside of clinical environments have been designed, prototyped and tested in real contexts with patients, caregivers and clinical professionals, as well as new business models having been identified to turn such service prototypes into viable market solutions for the near future. Mobile and embedded technologies in our surroundings have been progressively enhancing homes and neighbourhoods with capabilities for people's health and wellbeing, such as: behaviour recognition, disease prevention, healthy habits encouragement, cognitive fitness and social participation, just to cite a few examples.

In this workshop we seek to present a wide range of innovative healthcare experiences based on mobile technologies which show the integration of academic and industrial research, as well as users and municipalities involvement into the process. We also encourage presentations of work-in-progress projects as a possibility to focus on the collaboration aspects among the partners and the integration of their different research agendas as a key point of an integrated health solution.


We invite submissions around the following three main areas:

1- Mobile technologies and services for the continuity of care out of clinical environments

For example: at home rehabilitation, reminding and monitoring services for therapy adherence, doctors’ remote checking-in, comorbidities preventions for older adults, wearable devices, etc.

2- New business models for healthcare services based on mobile and distributed technologies

For example: domestic sensors services provided by ensurance companies, telemedicine, preventive medicine based on distributed intelligence at home, etc.

3- Living environment for health and wellbeing

For example: embedded sensors in the home and in the neighbourhood, connected domestic equipment, telepresence, leisure and fitness services, etc.


Since we strongly believe in an interdisciplinary approach and collaborative research to foster innovation in the healthcare sector, we encourage submissions from heterogeneous researchers and practitioners belonging to academia, industry and health services providers. We aim to receive submissions representing a good mixture of disciplines, in the form of research papers or industry case studies giving insights into the theory and practice of the healthcare innovation through mobile technologies.

The authors of the most representative contributions for each of the three main topics listed above will be invited to present their contributions as keynote speakers during the workshop and to co-chair the session.

The proceedings of the EEHM 2016 workshop will be published together with the proceedings of MobiHealth 2016 by Springer and made available through LNICST


We invite contributions in the form of abstract or paper (up to 4 pages). Abstract consists in one page text without images; the abstract template can be found here. Papers must be formatted using the guideline from the Author's Kit (found here) and send to:

The submissions are collected in a non-anonymous way and it is requested that in the accompanying email authors will mention which workshop area among the ones mentioned above they are addressing with their contribution.


Eng. Cristina De Capitani

Senior Technologist
Institute for polymers, composites and biomaterials
National Research Council of Italy
Cluster Manager TechForLife (Lombardy Cluster Technologies for Living Environment).