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Welcome Messages

General Chair
Prof. James C. Lin
University of Illinois at Chicago

Welcome Message

On behalf of the Conference Committee of International ICST Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare (MobiHealth 2010), I wish to extend a warm welcome to all. The objectives of this conference are to advance medical diagnosis, treatment, and patient care through application of wireless communications, mobile computing and sensing technologies. This conference is aimed at providing an international forum to bring together researchers and experts from academia, healthcare organizations, research institutions, and industrial enterprises working in the field of wireless communication and health care. Collectively, we will share ideas and discuss cutting-edge research, present experience with recent developments in healthcare delivery, and to provide practical guidance to policy makers and in the setting of applicable standards.

Participants at this three-day MobiHealth 2010 conference will present original contributions, discuss approaches and exchange ideas to improve the knowledge, understanding and practice in the interdisciplinary design of efficient protocols and technologies to help implement and provide advanced mobile health care applications. A detailed description of the making of the exciting technical program by our Technical Program Chair, Professor Konstantina S. Nikita, M.D, PhD., can be found below.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to members of the Conference Committee for extending their expertise and support. MobiHealth 2010 owes a great deal of gratitude to Professor Nikita and authors for providing us with this excellent program. I know how hard Professor Nikita has worked on creating this and many other aspects of the conference. I thank Professor George Papadopoulos for serving as the Local Arrangements Chair and providing the logistic help where needed. Dr. Irene Karanassiou for overseeing the publications and Konstantinos Michmizos for spearheading the publicity parts of this conference. As we all know, a web presence is essential for any conference these days. MobiHealth 2010 is privileged to have two capable Web Chairs, Maria Christopoulou and Asimina Kiourti. What you might find helpful and informative on the website are due, in no small measures, to the efforts of these two women.

Lastly, I would like to thank our conference coordinators, Edit Marosi and Gabriella Magyar of ICST for their support, ICST for financial sponsorship and ICCS (Institute of Communication and Computer Systems) for financial co-sponsorship of the conference, and IEEE EMB and CREATE-NET for their technical sponsorship in helping to make MobiHealth 2010 a successful event.

Conference Chair:
, Ph.D., Professor
University of Illinois, Chicago


TPC Chair
Prof. Konstantina S. Nikita
National Technical University of Athens

Welcome Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the International ICST Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare (MobiHealth 2010). Top priority of MobiHealth 2010 is to strengthen synergy between Wireless Mobile Communications and Healthcare, two complementary disciplines that hold great promise for the advancement of health care delivery.

The scientific program for MobiHealth 2010 has been compiled to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving disciplines of wireless communications, mobile computing and sensing technologies in healthcare. We have received more than 45 high-quality submissions. After careful evaluation of each paper by at least two independent experts, the final scientific program features 33 presentations. The conference consists of ten sessions with topics covering: intelligent public health monitoring services, integrated systems for chronic disease monitoring and management, intelligent home monitoring, ambient assistive technologies, implantable and wearable biomedical devices, emergency and disaster applications, biomedical signal processing techniques for monitoring services, and interoperability in e-health.

In addition, within MobiHealth 2010, we have the privilege and honor to attend keynote lectures on highly timely topics, by two leading experts. In his keynote lecture, Prof. Guang-Zhong Yang from Imperial College London, will address "The Changing Face of Wireless Healthcare", whereas Prof. Maria Teresa Arredondo Waldmeyer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid will give a keynote lecture on "Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Applications and Patient Empowerment Tools as a Solution for Handling Chronic Diseases".

This conference would not have been possible without the expert leadership and the dedicated work of our General Chair, Professor James Lin. It has been a real pleasure and privilege to serve as the technical program chair, and work closely with Professor Lin, towards the realization of this demanding project. Many individuals have worked hard to make MobiHealth 2010 a successful event and I would like to thank all of them. First, I would like to thank the authors who submitted top quality papers to the conference and produced an exciting technical program. I would also like to express my gratitude to our special session organizers and to the members of the Technical Program Committee, who did an excellent job to preserve quality and promote academic excellence in the review process and provided valuable input to the conference program. In addition, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the members of the Organizing Committee, Prof. George Papadopoulos, Dr. Irene Karanasiou, Asimina Kiourti, Maria Christopoulou and Kostis Michmizos, who have contributed to this venture with great energy and enthusiasm in order to guarantee our meeting's successful organization. Our work has been as easy as it could ever be thanks to the exceptional professionalism of our Conference Coordinators, Edit Marosi and Gabriella Magyar.

Many thanks also go to our financial sponsor ICST, technical sponsor CREATE-NET, technical co-sponsors IEEE and IEEE-EMBS and financial co-sponsor ICCS (Institute of Communication and Computer Systems).

I hope MobiHealth 2010 will be stimulating, informative, enjoyable and fulfilling experience to all who attend it.

TPC Chair:
, M.D., Ph.D., Professor
National Technical University of Athens

Important Dates

Paper submission
15 May 2010

Special session paper submission
30 June 2010

Acceptance notification
30 July 2010

Authors Registration
25 August 2010

Camera-ready paper
25 August 2010

Early Registration
18 September 2010

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